Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Pussy Galore II has been living in my house for four whole weeks now and we really get along well, and we like to chase each other up and down the stairs during the daytime, and at night I sleep on the bed with Daddy while PG II sleeps in my kitty tree, until we switch places in the early morning. And around midday we like to lounge in the sunshine, or peek out the window together. Daddy says that PG II has only a few more days before her daddy Brian comes back to Melbourne, but I like PG II a lot, and here are some pictures of the time we spend together:

It's been eight months since my brother Gerald died, and that's a long time to be without a cat friend, and PG II says she's never had a cat friend, but only a puppy friend, so I don't want her to leave!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pussy Galore Again!

Just when I thought I had my house back to myself, a couple weeks ago (July 1) Daddy brought Pussy Galore here AGAIN, and this time he said she was going to stay FOR A WHOLE MONTH! It took a long time before Pussy Galore could stand to be in the same room with me, and she would hiss whenever she walked past the basket I sleep in (and here's a picture of me in my basket):

But then Pussy Galore started sitting in my favorite places, and she started to sleep in the bedroom at night, and she jumped up into my kitty tree and got her stank all over it, and before long she would let me sit in the same room with her, as long as I didn't talk to her. Here's a picture of us ignoring each other yesterday:

And she eventually told me that her full name was Pussy Galore the Second, or "PG II," and she wasn't Andrew's cat after all, but belonged to Daddy's friends Louise and Brian, who had to be out of the country for a while, and that's why we were looking after her, and suddenly it all made sense! Her sister is Asta, that terrier puppy that I see sometimes, and that's why I hissed at Pussy Galore when I first met her—she smelled like dog! But once PG II figured out that I was a friend of her sister Asta, we got along OK. And PG II explained that she was less than two years old, and she'd never met a boy cat before, or one that was as old as me (I'm thirteen!), and she was named after her mommy's first cat (Pussy Galore the First) who was named after a character in some James Bond film. So PG II and I have started to get along better, but we're not as chummy as Gerald and I used to. But PG II likes to pretend to ignore me while I eat, like this:

And if you think cats are good at ignoring people, you have no idea how good we cats are at ignoring each other!