Sunday, May 24, 2009

Uncle Kevin is Building a Greenhouse

I'm very excited because Uncle Kevin is building a greenhouse in our backyard so he can grow his orchids out there and all the parts for the greenhouse are in the dining room and they all smell interesting, and as you can see I've been investigating them thoroughly:

Uncle Kevin starts by assembling a frame made out of PVC pipe:

and he'll put the green shadecloth on next, and then put shelves on the inside for all his orchids. And I was such a good boy and didn't bother Uncle Kevin while he was working, and so whenever he takes a break, HE OWES ME, so I climb into his lap and purr and purr and purr, like this:

And then Daddy gives me an ice-cream treat:

and then a little drink of water:

And then I lay down for my afternoon nap in my basket, which Daddy very kindly put next to the heater in the living room, and I dream about that mouse that we haven't seen for a whole week now:

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a Star!

Guess what! I'm featured in a newsletter for the Carlton Veterinary Clinic! I'm the "Patient of the Month" and my story is used to flag the "Senior Cat Program" at the vet, cause they figure that I'm 14 years old now and keep coming back to have my blood pressure taken and my urine sampled and all that stuff I always complain about. So my picture is on the cover, like this:

And if you want to read the article, just go to, click on the "Newsletter" link and ask them to email you a copy. I'm so proud of myself! And if you want to know the secret to my longevity, it's all due to frequent naps in the sun:

and plenty of self-grooming:

and my Daddy feeds me lasagna (I'm just like Garfield!):

and then plenty of exercise. Lately I've been prowling through my house each night to make sure that a mouse isn't running around, and guess what! We have a third mouse in the house, and Kevin saw it last Saturday afternoon running around the kitchen floor when Kevin was on the phone, and he saw it again just today (Friday) hopping behind the stove, but Daddy hasn't seen it yet, but I know it's around cause I can SMELL it and I've been sniffing real hard behind the bookcases and the filing cabinet and under the couch...

So, if you're a kitty like me, then exercise, good food, and naps in the sunshine will help you live longer. Don't I look just adorable? No wonder the vet newsletter made me a star:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Do these mice think I'm a useless cat?

Uncle Kevin caught a second mouse today with his live trap, and it was a big ginger-colored mouse that looked like this:

And I didn't catch him, 'cause he was a big mouse that had Gerald-colored fur, and he always spooked me out a little bit whenever I saw him. So Uncle Kevin took him to the park and set him free and took some pictures of him all excited about getting out of his trap:

But I'm pretty sure there's more mice since Daddy saw a tiny mouse sticking his head out of the vacuum-cleaner house in the bathroom; and if Uncle Kevin has already caught two mice, then there are probably more living in the house, and they're probably in the downstairs bathroom where my litter box is. Daddy realized that mice eat poop, and that it looked like my poop was disappearing, so we wonder if the mice are stealing my poop! So Daddy moved my litter box upstairs away from the mice, and I just want those mice outta my house!

Friday, May 1, 2009

There's another Mouse in my House!!!

I'm sitting here licking myself and congratulating myself because Daddy finally figured out the kitty secret I've been keeping all day: there's another mouse in my house! I saw it earlier today after the Mousey-Mouse was taken to the park; and the second mouse is a bigger mouse than the one that got caught, and I kept trying to tell Daddy and Uncle Kevin that I had seen him, but they didn't understand, until finally this evening Daddy saw the big mouse twice in the kitchen running underneath the stove. So they're going to have to set up the trap again to catch him, and I think Daddy has given him a name: Big-Mouse. But I'm very satisfied with myself that I had a kitty secret that they couldn't figure out, so I'm going to treat myself to a licking and a stretch:

The Mousey-Mouse has gone to his new home

This morning when Uncle Kevin got up, he went into the second bedroom to say hello to the Mousey-Mouse, and Uncle Kevin was so quiet because he didn't want me to know what was going on, but I could tell, and Uncle Kevin told Daddy that the Mousey-Mouse was much more calm this morning, so Uncle Kevin took lots of pictures, like this one:

And Uncle Kevin said the Mousey-Mouse had such "perfect little ears," and Daddy went "ewww, yucch," and I thought, "hey, I have perfect little ears myself!." Uncle Kevin thinks the mouse is cute, which is why he didn't kill it; so he took the box that contained the Mousey-Mouse's cage and carried it to the park, and set it on the ground like this:

and then he opened the cage, and the Mousey-Mouse looked around like this:

and then the Mousey-Mouse scampered off into his new home, which looks like this:

And that's the last we'll see of that Mousey-Mouse in my house, unless he has homing instincts. But Daddy and Uncle Kevin don't know what I know. I know a kitty secret! And when Uncle Kevin came back home, I tried to get him and Daddy to notice me by pacing back and forth all around the house, and meowing and meowing. But they just decided I was ready to be worshipped again, like this when Uncle Kevin offered me some of his morning coffee:

But I don't do caffeine.