Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday at Oscar's

A million thanks to all those animals and humans who sent a message to my blog and wished me Happy Birthday! I had a whole 27 messages from animal friends and their owners from all over the world. It was so exciting to meet new friends and to learn that there are so many kitties and puppies and animal-loving humans in cyberspace! There were bloggers from the USA (including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and California, to name a few!), plus bloggers from the U.K., Canada, and even here in Melbourne! Thanks very much to everyone.

Today was Palm Sunday here in Australia, which unfortunately didn't mean that anything was all that different around my house. When I used to live in Michigan and Daddy would go to a Palm Sunday church service, he would bring home the palm fronds for me and Gerald to chew on, or he'd turn them into a cat toy and tease with them. But I haven't touched a palm frond in ages, so today I had to content myself with watching birdies. And there were LOTS of them just outside my bay window since Daddy refilled the birdfeeder:

But of course, every time Daddy tried to take their picture, the birdies flew away. So I said, Stop scaring away my birdies, Daddy!

It was pretty cloudy all morning with a bit of rain; but the sun did come out occasionally, and when it did, Daddy decided to spoil me and put my food on the stairwell so I could eat and sunbathe at the same time:

But the sun didn't last long, so when I was done, I went back downstairs and gave myself a mouth-lick and post-meal bath on the couch:

And that was my day. So much work for a fifteen year old kittycat!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's My Birthday!

It's March 17 and it's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I'm 15 years old today which Daddy says makes me a really old kitty, and I'm definitely the oldest cat I know in this neighbourhood. And Daddy spoiled me this evening with a chicken treat as my birthday present. But since it was my birthday, I decided I could spend my morning any way I wanted, and this was what I wanted: I sat in the sunshine in the living room bay window...

in my own private forest (actually, it's just that old houseplant), and I looked out the window and watched the birdies in the birdfeeder:

And then I took my morning nap:

And then when the sun changed position to the top of the stairs, I followed it for my early afternoon nap:

Then I went exploring in Daddy's office and tried to encourage him to clean up his stuff by rubbing my face all over his boxes:

And to show his gratitude for my helpfulness, Daddy gave me that chicken treat I mentioned. And that's how I spent my birthday. Happy birthday to me!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another visit from Indiana

Indy came to visit me again yesterday and this time she came to the front door!

And when I walked up to say hello, she growled and hissed at me for some reason, even though all I was doing was saying hello. And she reminded me so much of Pussy Galore who always hissed at me whenever I walked into the room. Maybe it's a girl thing. I got bored with her hissing, though, so I just walked back into the comfort of my living room:

And I had a nice stretch in the sun...

And Indy busied herself with exploring the jungle that is our front lawn:

And then I got curious and started looking for her again...

But she had disappeared, so I took a nap on my Kevin pillow:

And that was my day yesterday. So much work!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar needs to learn how to type

My Daddy is so mean! He's been so busy ever since he went back to work in January that he says he hasn't had any time to update my blog and when I told him I have all these friends who wonder what I'm doing, he said I need to learn how to type. Well, gee, Daddy, talk to the Apple Company about making a computer keyboard that works with paws (they can call it iPaws or iKitty). So I kept giving Daddy a hard stare until he finally gave in and agreed to take my dictation and post this blog. But I've promised to keep it brief, so here goes:

Here's a picture that Daddy took when I was shaking my head. It makes me look like a cartoon!

I've had such an amazing past couple months. My neighbor Indiana comes by almost every day, and whenever I hear the bell she wears, I wait by the back door and poof up my tail:

And sometimes she sits in the garden and growls at me:

And one time she gave me a real mouthful!

And one time Daddy tried to tease me and let Indy walk into the room...

But I was not impressed, so I went to my food dish and guarded it from Indiana:

And when she left, I took my morning nap:

at least, until Daddy woke me up...

because he wanted me to see that Indiana was climbing a tree...

but I wasn't interested, so I just went back to sleep...

And that's been my life for the last couple months! Now if only Daddy would take my dictation more often...