Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Late Winter Blues

My Daddy left town today for a three-month visit to Canada and was teary-eyed when he left the house today but he bought me a very special present which is a water fountain that runs all the time in the kitchen. Daddy knows that I love to drink running water which is why I hang around the bathtub all the time but now I can have running water whenever I want and I love it! Uncle Kevin will look after me while Daddy is gone but I'm going to miss my Daddy and I got all anxious when he was packing his luggage 'cause I could tell he was going to be gone for such a long time. And I miss PG II 'casue it's been almost three weeks since she went back to her own house and I remember how fun it was to have some cat company and I still find tufts of her fur all over my carpet and her stank is still on my kitty tree.

I'm going to take a nap now in Uncle Kevin's lap and think about how much I love my Daddy.

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