Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Not Feeling Good

I haven't been feeling so good ever since last weekend. After my last blog I was feeling a bit more normal, and I was eating well (lots of salmon!), and I would stretch my paws on my Kevin pillow at night:

And in the daytime I would curl up in my basket for my naps:

But then on Wednesday (November 3, which is when the results of the US election were coming in here in Australia, and I should know, because I sat on Uncle Kevin's lap while he watched the TV broadcast), Daddy gave me my first pill of Leukeran, which is that low dose of chemo I mentioned in my last blog. I'm supposed to get a pill every other day, so Daddy gave me a second pill on Friday just before he and Uncle Kevin headed off to Canberra for three nights while Uncle Nick and Auntie Fiona looked after me. But I didn't feel so good the whole weekend, and Uncle Nick and Auntie Fiona could tell that I was acting sore because I wouldn't eat very much and I was very weak. And Daddy and Uncle Kevin came back today with all sorts of stories about Canberra:

But I wasn't interested, and I started walking funny and had difficulty balancing on my back right leg (not the one that has the tumor), and I didn't feel like eating very much, even when Daddy offered me salmon. And I would cock my head at an angle when I walked, and I would always hold my chin down, so I looked weird. Daddy was so worried about me that he took me to the Carlton Vet, and Dr Craig gave me lots of reflex tests to make sure I didn't have some neurological problem, and he said that my reflexes were all very good, and he thinks I'm probably having another bad reaction to chemo, so Daddy didn't give me a third pill today, but he's going to wait to see if I start feeling better tomorrow. And Dr Craig gave me a shot of a medicine that should stimulate my appetite, 'cause everyone wants me to gain weight, since I dropped to 4.54 kg today! (That's only 10 pounds!)

But even though I walk funny, I still like to get up and try to walk around a bit, and I can still jump up on all the arms of the couches, so I'm still keeping myself moving. And Daddy got McDonalds for dinner and I wanted some of his chicken sandwich and Daddy was smart enough to share with me anything I like to eat! And after dinner I wanted to curl up in my Kevin pillow so bad, 'cause he was away for three whole nights, so the Kevin pillow was smart enough to oblige.

Thank you all you kitties and humans who have sent kind comments to my blog. It makes my Daddy so happy to know that there are so many animals and animal-lovers out there who care about animals that they're never even met. Daddy also wants everyone to know that, even though I'm not feeling good right now, he's watching me very carefully and making sure that I maintain a good quality of life...and that I get lots of Kevin pillow and salmon.


Huffle Mawson said...

Poor Oscar. I hope you feel better very soon. I send you my best purrs.

Kea said...

Oscar, we're sorry you're not feeling well and hope that by not giving you the chemo pill you start to feel better. We're not sure what options you have, though, if the chemo pill isn't good for you.

Just know we're continuing to send you lots of purrs and healing Light! *Kitty kisses* from us and smooches from our mom.

AFSS said...

We are sending healing purrs to you Oscar. We hopes you feel better soon. The Kevin pillow & Salmon sound like a good deal to us. We hopes you can enjoy them both for a very long time.

Junior and Orion said...

Oh Oscar.......our Meowm wants to give you some big snuggles! You are being such a fighter and we are very impressed! We will keep purring and purring for you!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oscar, we're sorry you haven't been feeling well. We wish you didn't have to take the chemo but your dad wants you to get better.

Sparkle said...

Oscar, I feel bad that you are feeling poorly! I hope they are able to work out the medication so that it makes you feel better, not sicker! Those tumors are awful like that - the medicine sometimes makes you feel even worse. I am sending you lots and lots of purrs from southern California.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We are so sorry you are feeling really yucky - we hope you start to feel somewhat better very soon.
Salmon and a Kevin pillow sound as though they could help you feel a little better.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

SuziQCat said...

Oscar we are sending get well purrs to you today...hope you start feeling better soon!

The Island Cats said...

Hi Oscar, we're sorry your not feeling too good. We're purring for you. We hope you start eating some more and can gain some weight back. Salmon sure sounds good!!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Oscar we just read about you on the CB and we are so sorry you are feeling really bad with your chemo.
We are purring hard for you and send you whiskery kisses in the hope that they may help you. We hope you are going to feel a little better without this last tablet and feel you can give it another try.

ABBY said...

Hi Oscar
We just saw a posting on the Cat Blogosphere that you were not feeling well, so we just wanted to add our purr wishes that you begin feeling better furry soon.

purrs and hugs

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh Oscar, we feel bad that we haven't visited in awhile and now we do and find out dat da chemo is making yoo sick. We'll purr dat yoo feel better and dat dey can find a way to give yoo da medi-sin wifout making yoo sick again.

Charlemagne and Tamar said...

Oh, Oscar, we're sorry the new chemo medicine is making you not feel good! We're glad that your Daddy and the Kevin pillow are taking such very good care of you.

Sending purrs for you to feel better,
Charlemagne and Tamar