Sunday, October 23, 2011

A NEW Message from Oscar's Daddy

Oscar's Daddy has adopted two new cats into the house where Oscar once lived. They are both adult cats, named Otto and Melrose (also known as Spaz Cat & Woolly Bear), and Oscar would have loved them both at first sight, not least because they are both white, and Oscar never met a white cat! Otto and Melrose have a new blog at:

or you can click on the link under the "My Favorite Blogs" menu to the right, if you would like to read it.

We will always miss Oscar and think of him with happy thoughts.

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lynnbrady said...

i have came across your oscar blog,and it touched my heart...i also have loved and lost 18 cats/kittens(includes 8 premees/newborns) sence june 2011 plus 1 cat(heart disease 2010)of passing halth issues...i know you made this blog quite a while back but,i just would like you to know that i know how much you i have many matter how much care you give your just don't seem to be email<at FB)if you would like to see all my cats passing stories,from,kidney failer,heart disease,FIP,premee's born too early becase of a vet shot(8)and their mom's death of toxic)i have to date 11cats and 2 kittens in my home.Oscar is at rainbow bridge playing with all my kitties,and hes happy chasing and playing with them<3