Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Awful Trip to the Vet

Daddy scooped me up this morning and put me in my cat carrier and took me to that nasty vet for a check-up, and they gave me a vaccine and a bunch of other stuff and put me back in my carrier, but at the last minute they took me out again because they decided to draw some blood for a test and I did NOT LIKE it and I threw such a fit that they had to put me in a bag—yes, a burlap bag!--that my head stuck out of so they could hold me while they took my blood with a needle, and it took the doctor four times to try and take my blood because I REFUSED to let them come near me, and the doctor joked that I was “channelling Gerald” since Gerald always hated doctors. So after I came home, I went right to sleep ‘cause I was exhausted, and I curled up next to Daddy’s teddy bear Muskie (short for “Musqueam”, one of the first nation peoples that live in the area of Vancouver, Canada), and I looked like this:

And as a reward for being such a good kitty, Daddy brought out the tunnel toy he once got from the vet, and I spent the afternoon playing in it like this:

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