Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Doctor Stole Another Tooth!

Daddy took me to the doctor today early in the morning and the doctors gave me a little gas to make me sleep and when I woke up they had removed one of my bottom back teeth! It was a “dental” since it’s been a while since I had my teeth cleaned, but did they have to pull my tooth? And now I have to drink a cold milky antibiotic each morning for the next few days, and Uncle Kevin has to take me back one more time for a “follow-up” but already I feel fine and I’m going to be able to eat more and more of my yummy hard kibble. But first I’m going to demand what’s due to me, which is lots of snuggles on my Kevin pillow, like this:

And then I crawled into bed and licked myself all over to get the bad taste of that vet off of me:

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