Monday, November 2, 2009

November is Spring in Australia

Daddy bought me a new pillow!

Daddy and Uncle Kevin went to big warehouse called Costco, with my puppy friend Asta's servants, Louise and Brian, and he came back with this big fluffy blue pillow which he says he bought for himself, but I know better, so I kneaded it and gave it my stamp of approval:

...and now I own it of course.

November is springtime in Australia which still feels kinda weird even after living here for eight years but the one thing I like most about springtime is that the birdies come out to play and this is the first year that they've come to the birdfeeder outside our door (I guess they didn't notice it last year) and so every day they come right outside my window and I like to watch them and pretend that I can catch them:

And that's how a kitty cat like me gets my exercise each day.

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