Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Trip to the Vet!!

Daddy took me to the vet last week for a blood test and it was awful! I was sitting in the living room enjoying my morning nap when Daddy scooped me up and petted me all over and tried to make me feel all cuddly but I could tell something was up when I saw my cat carrier on the floor and Daddy stuck me inside and closed the door behind me. But I'm an intelligent cat so I knew this could only mean one thing: the vet! So I pawed at the door and begged to be let out:

And I let out the most miserable yowl I could think of:

And then Daddy thought, "Why don't I take a video of Oscar so I can post it on his blog?" But I said, Forget the camera, Daddy, and get me outta here! Please!

But of course we ended up going to the vet anyway. And the doctor took my blood pressure with that awful machine that pinches the base of my tail; and then he took blood samples from my chin, so he had to SHAVE my chin and then he took two needles' worth of blood while the nurse pinned me down. But I was a good kitty this time and didn't channel Gerald or hiss and fight like I did before (although I did wiggle a lot).
And Daddy put me back in my carrier and set me down in the waiting room in front of a glass cage full of kittens that were up for adoption. And the kittens were adorable! Then the hospital cat, Kofi, who's a tuxedo-cat about eight years old, came up to me to say hello, but I wasn't in the mood to have him gawk at my shame, so I hissed at him.
And when I got back home and Daddy sprung me from my cat carrier, I ran straight to the middle of the living room floor next to my toy mouse and took back ownership of my domain (and you can see a bit of the shame on my chin in this picture):

And later that evening Daddy had chicken for dinner and he rewarded me with a chicken treat for all the vet drama I went through:

And after dinner I prepared for my evening nap on the living room couch (can you see my shame again?):

And since that day, things have gone back to normal. Every morning I take a morning nap in the living room in my basket next to my plant (and I usually sleep, unless some busy-body like Daddy insists on taking my picture):

And if the weather is sunny, at midday I hop upstairs to sit in a sunbeam and watch the rainbows made by the crystals hanging in the window:

And when Daddy and Uncle Kevin come home at night, they give me dinner, and then I have my evening nap on the living room couch:

And Daddy says that the results of my blood tests are that my kidney disease is stable, which is good news, since it means it's not getting any worse, so I can sleep without any worrying dreams.


Junior and Orion said...

My goodness! What a day you had! We are glad that you are stable and we hope you stay that way. We figured for sure, when you headed for the middle of the floor upon your return home you were going to leave a small gift for your Dad. ;) At least you got some good chicken!

Huffle Mawson said...

Well I sure hope you've recovered from the v-e-t visit Oscar. And I'm glad you're reasonably healthy too!