Saturday, December 15, 2007

Glow-in-the-dark Cats?

It’s been just over three weeks now since my brother Gerald died and I feel a little odd about counting the days because it doesn’t really change the fact that he’s not around, and three weeks seems like such a short time and yet it feels like a long time, and being a kitty cat, I enjoy having all the attention to myself and I like being able to be in al my own kitty spaces without having to share them, but I do get lonely sometimes, and I suppose that’s normal.

Uncle Kevin found this news article on-line about some scientists in Korea who are cloning kitties who glow in the dark, and I think to myself, “Leave it to humans to invent cats that they can find in the dark! Don’t they know that cats don’t want to be seen in the dark?”

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It reminds me of the time when we were living in Ann Arbor on Lawrence street, and there was a power failure, and Daddy’s neighbor knocked on the door to borrow a flashlight, and of course when he opened the door, I went out, but nobody saw me, at they didn’t notice I was gone for a whole half hour, and then Daddy and Aunty Beth panicked and grabbed a pair of flashlights and looked for me all around the neighborhood, and Daddy kept saying, “How do you find a black cat in a power failure?”, and they searched for me for over an hour, but of course I was hiding the whole time and I never told anybody where I hid myself, and when I was ready I came back to the front door of our apartment and just waited until Aunty Beth came back and stumbled upon me, and she said, “Oscar! Where have you been?”, and I just grinned, and when I got inside Gerald was very jealous that I got to have such an adventure, because he was always even more adventurous than me (like the many times he snuck into our upstairs neighbors’ apartment in the house on Catherine Street, or the time he hid in Joel’s room in Harbor Springs for over three hours and no one could find him). But if you clone cats so that they glow in the dark, that ruins all the fun! Daddy remembers when he took Gerald to get radiation treatment for his thyroid problem all those years ago, and we joked that Gerald might glow in the dark afterwards, but that was just a joke; but these cloned kitties really do glow in ultraviolet light, and that’s crazy!

And speaking of crazy, I’ve been going a little crazy after Daddy started giving me that yummy kidney diet food, and those antibiotic pills twice a day, because I started getting diarrhea and a very wet poo, so I had to go back to the doctor AGAIN to be poked and prodded, and I was so scared they were going to stick a needle in my bladder again, but they didn’t, but they did give Daddy another yucchy medicine to give me, and this one is for my diarrhea, and I just hate it, but at least I stopped scratching my ear and the infection has started to go away. But Daddy doesn’t give me my favorite kitty treats any more because the pet store can’t get them imported until after the start of the new year, which is making me crazy! Isn’t there an Australian company that can make decent cat treats?

Daddy says that Christmas is less than two weeks away, and I remember lots of Christmases that we used to spend in Toledo, Ohio, or Harbor Springs, Michigan, and Gerald and I used to love sitting under the Christmas tree and playing with any ornaments we could reach and watching the tree lights twinkle on and off, and we would sit in the windowsills and look out at the snow and the ice; but here in Australia it’s so different, since it’s hot and dry at Christmas time, and Daddy hasn’t even put up a tree this year since there’s not enough room for one, but at least Uncle Kevin put up some Christmas decorations and some lights, and here’s a picture of them:

I don’t know what Daddy’s going to get me for Christmas, but you can probably guess what I want—KIBBLE! Or kitty treats, if the pet shop can find them. Or a new feather toy that I can play with. And knowing my luck, I’ll just get a new collar that I won’t even like. Here’s a picture of me and Gerald from a few months ago, and you can see what my old collar looks like:

I'm not saying that I wouldn't mind a new collar, but you know me, I WANT KITTY KIBBLE!


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