Friday, December 21, 2007

Green vomit

It’s been four weeks now since my brother Gerald died, and why am I still counting the days? I guess it’s because I still think about him all the time and expect him to come bouncing around the corner to try and steal my kitty space, and I miss the fact that he doesn’t, which is why I’m sitting in the dirty laundry today, which used to be one of Gerald’s best kitty spaces.

My tummy didn’t feel well these past few days and I lost my appetite and decided to show my displeasure by vomiting up some watery green stuff (as one does), so guess what? I got to go back to the vet AGAIN and the kitty doctor checked my digestive system and said I had no blockage, and she took my temperature (and you can guess where she put the thermometer!), and she checked my eyes and my ears and my heart, and then she gave me a shot (not fun!) because she said that I might have a touch of gastro from the other medications I had to take this past week, and the shot would relieve any stomach spasms, and she said I had lost a little bit of weight but was otherwise fine. All together, I HATED IT! But when I got home, after a while I got fed some special easily digestible food (called i/d) which I LOVED so I tucked right into it. I’m fine now, and we kitty cats get these kind of tummy upsets every now and then; and I remember a couple years ago I had a tummy upset just like this, and Gerald told me that we kitty cats are the experts at barfing, and I should practice my aim, so when I was sick at that time, I waited till Daddy came home, then I went into the bathroom with the tile floor that’s difficult to clean, and I vomited a huge spray of greenish-brown bile all over the floor, just so Daddy would notice (and he did!). And he took me to the vet that time too, and gave me the special i/d diet back then too, and I got better real fast.

It’s only four more days until Christmas, and tomorrow is the summer solstice here in Australia, which means it’s the longest day and the shortest night of the year, with 14 hours and 47 minutes of daylight here in Melbourne, and I’m not sure whether to be happy or disappointed, since Gerald often told me that kitty cats are night creatures, which is why we sleep during the day and creep about the house at night to peer out the windows and keep the evil spirits away and say hello to any angels that drop by, and it was Gerald who taught me how to look for angels at night, and although I’ve seen more bugs, I have seen a few angels, but I’ll never say which ones, since that’s one of my kitty secrets. So Gerald never liked the summer solstices because it meant the least amount of night time for him to creep around in. But I like the summer solstice because I like looking out into my garden at all the pretty flowers, and I like having more daylight hours to sleep in!

Daddy finally put up a Christmas tree with all his favorite ornaments (many of them from Sesame Street), but my favorite ornament is the sled that says “I Love My Cats,” so here’s some pictures:

I don’t know what Daddy plans to get me for Christmas, but I hope it’s a toy or kitty treats or yummy kibble, or even catnip, and it better not be another trip to that vet!


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