Thursday, April 30, 2009


Guess what! We caught the Mousey-Mouse, we caught the Mousey-Mouse! No, I didn’t catch the mouse myself, but what an experience!

For almost a week I didn’t see the mouse, and Daddy and Uncle Kevin had named the mouse, and every night they asked me if I had caught the Mousey-Mouse, and every time I just yawned and pretended they hadn’t asked. But it was yesterday that I saw the Mousey-Mouse for the first time in about a week, and it was early in the morning when I saw him run from the kitchen into the living room and hide behind the file cabinet, and he was crouched in the back corner and I could see his little eyes and his little ears and I meowed and meowed and meowed and walked back and forth and back and forth around the cabinet and I batted with my paw between the cabinet and the wall but it was so narrow I couldn’t fit my whole leg in, so I sat and waited and waited and waited and waited to see if the Mousey-Mouse would come out, but an hour went by and he didn’t come out, so I got bored and went away to take my morning nap. And Uncle Kevin put all sorts of boxes and things around the edges of the cabinet so the Mousey-Mouse wouldn’t get out, but the somehow the Mousey-Mouse DID get out, ‘cause we couldn’t find him again. So I decided to just relax, and here’s a picture of me relaxing…

And then this morning, WOW! I could just smell the Mousey-Mouse all over the kitchen, and Uncle Kevin had set up this big mousetrap next to the refrigerator, and it’s a mousetrap that catches mice live and doesn’t kill them (since Daddy said he didn’t want to hurt the poor mouse, even though kept telling me I should catch him), but the Mousey-Mouse was refusing to go into the trap, and I could tell the mouse was behind that refrigerator, so I meowed and meowed and ran up to Uncle Kevin and tapped his leg with my paw and jumped into his lap, ‘cause I wanted him to come look for that mouse, but Uncle Kevin didn’t understand me, so I went and pawed at the mousetrap, and went back to Uncle Kevin, then I went back to the kitchen and pawed at a cardboard box to get Uncle Kevin’ attention, and when that didn’t work I went back to Uncle Kevin, then I went back to the kitchen and pawed at the mousetrap and dragged it out from the corner it was in, and finally Uncle Kevin told me I was a wacky cat and annoying him, so he scooped me up and locked me in the bedroom with my kibble, and I just sat there patiently until Uncle Kevin finally got done whatever he was doing and let me out.

And then Uncle Kevin went to work, and I decided to take my catnap, and I napped for a long, long time. And when he came home, I woke up from my nap and greeted him at the door, and lay down and stretched out so he would rub my belly. But then I thought, you know, I wonder if anything is new in the kitchen, so I peeked round the corner, and lo and behold, THE MOUSEY-MOUSE WAS IN THE TRAP! So of course I wanted to play with him, so I batted the trap with my paw, and the little guy got all scared and pooped in the trap and crouched in the little opening to the trap, and finally Uncle Kevin noticed what I was doing, and he was so surprised to see the Mousey-Mouse in the trap! So Uncle Kevin took the trap away from me and placed it in a cardboard box and put it in the second bedroom and shut the door, so I wouldn’t scare the mouse to death, and tomorrow Uncle Kevin’s going to take the Mousey-Mouse out to the park near the river and let him out, far away enough from our house that he won’t come back. And Uncle Kevin took a picture of the Mousey-Mouse in the trap, and here’s what he looks like:

And Uncle Kevin thinks he’s cute. And I’m not afraid of the Mousey-Mouse anymore, ‘cause I’m more curious about him than ever! But I don’t think Daddy will let me see the mouse again. But he spoiled me tonight with a fishy treat and an ice-cream treat to celebrate catching the mouse, so here’s me eating my ice cream:

And Daddy is so happy that I actually showed an interest in the Mousey-Mouse yesterday, since he was worried that I was a scaredy cat afraid of a little mouse (and I was a little afraid of the Mousey-Mouse when he first showed up in the house). So let the world know, I am NOT a scaredy cat anymore. Now we will soon learn whether there was only one mouse.

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Tracey and Huffle said...

I've always thought you were a big brave mancat. Really.

Huffle Mawson