Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm a Star!

Guess what! I'm featured in a newsletter for the Carlton Veterinary Clinic! I'm the "Patient of the Month" and my story is used to flag the "Senior Cat Program" at the vet, cause they figure that I'm 14 years old now and keep coming back to have my blood pressure taken and my urine sampled and all that stuff I always complain about. So my picture is on the cover, like this:

And if you want to read the article, just go to, click on the "Newsletter" link and ask them to email you a copy. I'm so proud of myself! And if you want to know the secret to my longevity, it's all due to frequent naps in the sun:

and plenty of self-grooming:

and my Daddy feeds me lasagna (I'm just like Garfield!):

and then plenty of exercise. Lately I've been prowling through my house each night to make sure that a mouse isn't running around, and guess what! We have a third mouse in the house, and Kevin saw it last Saturday afternoon running around the kitchen floor when Kevin was on the phone, and he saw it again just today (Friday) hopping behind the stove, but Daddy hasn't seen it yet, but I know it's around cause I can SMELL it and I've been sniffing real hard behind the bookcases and the filing cabinet and under the couch...

So, if you're a kitty like me, then exercise, good food, and naps in the sunshine will help you live longer. Don't I look just adorable? No wonder the vet newsletter made me a star:

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Tracey and Huffle said...

Oscar, you're definitely some kind of star! I still can't believe how close to me you live!

Huffle Mawson