Sunday, December 20, 2009

Indiana Visiting Me Again

My next-door neighbor cat Indiana visited me again today:

But you know, I'm starting to get used to her, so even though I ran to the window to look at her, I didn't meow or anything, and when Daddy came into the room I asked for my lunch yummy and he gave it to me and I wasn't phased by Indy at all. So after I had my yummy and went into the living room and sat and admired the Christmas tree:

And then I took a long nap on Uncle Kevin's lap and ignored Indy. She can have the back yard, as long as she doesn't try to come inside to MY domain...

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Diamond said...

visiting cats are okay if they don't make a pest of themselves. I also like to rush to the window to miaouw if I see any. I had a couple of pest visitors from next door but they have now moved to another place. A dog has moved next door to me and her name is Orla. She loves me, but I don't fancy her all that much. She is too big and snuffly. Okay as a distant Friend of Another Species, I suppose.