Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Next-door Neighbor, Indiana

Oh my gosh, I've had such an exciting day because the kitty cat that lives next door keeps coming into my back yard and teasing me! Her name is Indiana (Indy for short), and she's less than a year old I think:

And about a week ago she climbed over the fence of her backyard and crawled all over the top of the green shadecloth that Uncle Kevin drapes over his orchids, and then climbed on top of his greenhouse, but Daddy wasn't home at the time to take pictures, but when she came over today and did the same things, he took lots:

And whenever I see her I get all excited and meow at her, 'cause I'm not used to having outdoor cats in my backyard. I didn't mind Pussy Galore when she was here last year because we were both indoors and she was obviously scared of me; but I don't know if I trust Indy quite yet because she was up so high and she walks around my backyard as if she owns the place:

So Daddy picked me up so I could see her, and we had a singing contest with the screen door between us:

And then Indy started strolling through Uncle Kevin's orchids like a tiger in the jungle:

And then she came right up to the screen door!

But after we chatted for a while, I didn't feel fazed anymore and I sat down and said, "Hey, you may be outside, but this is my house." And she seemed OK with that:

And then Indy started to climb the tree in the backyard!

But then--oh no!--she started falling off one of the branches and held on with her claws!

But we kitties have nine lives, you know, and she pulled herself with all her strength and rested on a bigger branch:

And I'm so impressed with her, 'cause she's still just a little girl, and already she's so athletic! But after all of that drama, she went across the fence back into her own backyard:

I hope she comes back and visits soon, and I'm gonna keep looking for her!

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Huffle Mawson said...

OMG she's a true explorer cat! It will be nice for you to have a friend Oscar.