Friday, December 25, 2009

The Drama of Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, but I've had a very dramatic day because I swallowed one of my kitty toys and Daddy took me in a taxi to the vet!

It happened like this: Daddy gave me two new kitty toys and even though they were wrapped in wrapping paper I could smell the catnip underneath so I was chewing the paper trying to get them open, like this:

Then Daddy opened the first one and it was a little catnip toy on a string and I chased after it like this:

And I got all high and started rubbing myself all over stuff:

And the second toy was made of rope in a criss-cross pattern with a feather on one end and a little plastic mesh packet of catnip on the other. And I chewed it like this:

And I got all high again:

And I chewed my toy so much that I tore it apart like this:

But I got so excited by the little plastic packet of catnip that I took it in my mouth and licked it and chewed it and then I SWALLOWED it! And I didn't think anything about it, but Daddy and Uncle Kevin got really worried that the plastic packet could get stuck in my intestines and make me sick. So they waited about two hours to see if I would throw it up, and of course I didn't—I even ate some more kibble—but finally Daddy didn't want to wait any more so he called a taxi and put me in my cat carrier and we started driving towards the Emergency Animal Clinic in Essendon (the same place where my brother Gerald was a patient). And as soon as Daddy put me in the carrier, I was NOT happy and I meowed and howled and said, "Get me outta here!" and we hadn't driven but ten minutes when the taxi got caught in traffic because there was an accident on the road, so the driver took a short cut which was down a really steep hill at fast speed, and I got carsick and so I said to Daddy, "You want me to barf? I'll show you barf!" So I made my little yowl that all cats make when they're about to hurl, and I hurled in the corner of my cage and got rid of that toy (not to mention some hairballs). So Daddy had to tell the driver not to go to the Animal Clinic after all, so we went straight back home. And here's what I threw up:

So that little toy gave me about ten minutes of pleasure and gave Daddy and Uncle Kevin about three hours of worry. But it all worked out happy, so here are some picture of our Christmas lights:


Huffle Mawson said...

Oh Oscar. You really shouldn't worry your dad and Uncle Kevin like that. I'd do anything to avoid going in the car.

Although, I guess it saved you from going to the vet so that's not so bad.

Anyway Happy Christmas to all of you from all of us!

Diamond said...

I don't like catnip. There is a large catnip plant growing in a pot here, but I don't like it. If you visit me you can have some of it. A visiting cat from next door used to sit on it and break the stems, but those cats have moved away elsewhere now. I hope they are happy as I don't want to wish ill to anyone. As long as they stay far away.