Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Second Day of the New Year

Today is Saturday and it's the second day of the new year 2010 and I've been watching birdies all afternoon and relaxing on the couch all evening and Daddy keeps taking pictures of me!!! He can't get it through his head that I don't like the flash on his camera:

So Daddy took a couple pictures without the flash, but there's still a red light that flashes (something about "red-eye correction") and it bugs my eyes so I always look away:

And if you're wondering what those white specks are on the couch, it's styrofoam bits that came out of a box that contained a lamp that Uncle Kevin was assembling, and it got all over the place.

Finally I decided to ignore Daddy and get to napping (I've had a busy day watching birdies, after all), but Daddy even takes pictures of me when I'm sleeping!!! Can't I have any privacy?

Still, I do look pretty cute, don't I?


Diamond said...

Oscar you look nice and properly feline. I spent some time outside supervising Lynettea and looking for the rat. Lynettea was watching me nearly all the time except when she trod on my paw when she was repotting a plant. She said she was very very very very sorry, but I came inside and sat on the lounge. I will put your link on.

Huffle Mawson said...

You look very cute indeed.