Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Heat Wave in Melbourne!

I'm so hot and bothered! The temperature in Melbourne reached 42° C today (that's about 107° F, which is more than I ever had to endure in Michigan) and Daddy and Uncle Kevin left the house around noon so they could hike it to the shopping mall called Melbourne Central and live in air conditioning all day, but they couldn't take me along so I had to stay in the flat all day and there's no air con here and it was so hot that all could do was curl up in the corner and sleep. And they finally got home about 8:30 pm and it was still about 38° outside (that's about 100° F!!!) and it didn't get much cooler when the sun set, so after Daddy gave me my dinner I sat in front of the fan in the living room like this:

And I know it doesn't look like the fan was moving (after all, this is a still photo), but believe me, it was blowing on full speed, and I was still hot! So Daddy took a thick paper towel and wetted it with cold water and rubbed it all over my fur, and I loved it! I don't know how outdoor kitties stand it, like my friend Diamond in Adelaide (where it's been hot for even longer than here in Melbourne), or my nextdoor neighbor Indy. Last night she was roaming around our little neighborhood block by tiptoeing on the fences, like this:

Don't her eyes look great? I think they shine just like a possum's. Of course, it was a bit cooler last night, so Indy had the energy, but I don't know what she did today to stay cool. And the weather report for tomorrow (Tuesday) is that it'll be hot again and get up to 36° by mid-afternoon (that's 97° F!!!) before a COOL CHANGE in the late afternoon, and then there shall be much rejoicing, believe me, because we're all sick of this heat!


Huffle Mawson said...

I tell you what Oscar, I am SO glad the cool change has arrived. Mum went to Chadstone yesterday to try and stay cool, but at least she left me home in the air conditioning.

Anya said...

Send me some warmth its here so cold !!!
Nice pictures :-)

((HUGS)) Kareltje =^.^=

Everycat said...

Crikey Oscar, you must be roasting!
Tuna ice cubes are good when it's hot and so is a bowl of ice infront of the fan. We make out apes do this for us when it gets hot in the UK which is about once every other century.

Stay cool fella

Whicky Wuudler

Diamond said...

Hello Oscar, I am not really an outside cat. I live inside most of the time, but I have my own outdoor enclosure at the back of the house. It has a pergola with trellis all around and upstairs shelves for me and room for my goldfish pond and a few chairs and table for Lynettea. I have my beach umbrellas there too and my hot water service and carpet lined tray on top of my scratching post. And my pot of grass.
I go out on my lead into the garden and street. Sometimes Lynettea just watches me in the garden, as I am an older cat now and don't jump at the fences.
It was very hot in Adelaide. Can you get your humans to put some ice cubes in your drinking tray?