Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

I'm enjoying the first day of the new year 2010 by making Daddy play with me with my Christmas toy:

This is the toy that I didn't swallow, and I love it 'cause it has a little bell that dings whenever I chase it:

And yesterday I spent the last morning of the old year curled up in the drapes in the sunshine. I know I'm lazy, but do I look fat?
It was SO HOT here in Melbourne yesterday, up to 38° C (that's over 100° F!) and at first I enjoyed laying in the sun, but my mid-afternoon I couldn't stand it any more, so I hid in a cool corner behind the TV set, like this:

My new friend Diamond lives in Adelaide where it was even hotter! (And if you'd like to see a picture of him on his balcony, follow the link under "My Favorite Blogs"). But in the early evening the clouds started to come in, and there was a stunning cloud that looked just like a crocodile:

And at the stroke of 9:00 pm it started raining and there was a thunderstorm and the temperature dropped to about 26° C (that's about 78° F), and that's what people around here call "a change" and I loved it! And about an hour later Daddy's friend Uncle Andrew showed up and they went with Uncle Kevin to a New Year's Eve Party with Asta and Pussy Galore II and their humans. And I didn't get invited (which is OK, since it was raining "cats and dogs" that night and I would have hated it), but I smelled my friend Asta's scent on Daddy's clothes when he came home, and the scent said "Happy New Year, Oscar!"

It's been three weeks now since Uncle Kevin had surgery on his stomach, and all that time he hasn't let me sit on his tummy, but tonight I'm insisting on it, so he put a green pillow on his tummy and stretched out on his back so I could climb on, like this:

And now he's mine for the rest of 2010!


Huffle Mawson said...

Happy new year to you Oscar, and to your dad and Uncle Kevin too. I am not having a good time with these storms tonight, are you?

Oscar the Kitty Cat said...

Huffle, you're right, the storms going through South Australia and Victoria are loud! There was a huge thunderclap here in Melbourne about 9:30 tonight and it woke me up from my evening nap and my ears went straight up!